Our Company


We, known as “Morikan”, are a professional distributor for wholesale food packaging and hygienic & sanitation products based in Kobe, Japan. Since 1925, we have been proudly serving many loyal and satisfied clients with a wide variety of quality products including microwavable trays, eco-friendly food packaging, medical grade sanitization items, commercial cleaning supplies and more.

Why is Morikan the right distributor for you?

Customer Focus

At Morikan, customers are our number one priority. We diligently explore all possibilities to find the best solution with over 4,000 products at competitive prices. Well-trained and knowledgeable staffs are happy to assist you to fulfill your needs.

Timely and Reliable Delivery Services

Our trucks and experienced drivers are ready to deliver bulk orders to you in a timely manner from the distribution center which is located in the heart of Kobe. We are reliable, fast and efficient.

Green Products

Morikan offers a full line of green products such as food containers and environmentally safe cleaning products. Furthermore, we contribute to a recycling process of used food trays at supermarkets by collecting and storing them on our site.

Our Products